Getting Started

Design and Circuit Requirements

Emtron Hybrids will review your circuit as to the potential to meet the electrical and mechanical requirements necessary to create your custom hybrid circuit. Certain information would be required, such as.

Schematic diagram including packaging configuration, size and required pin outs.

Component values, tolerances and power dissipation

Component parameters and matching requirements

Environmental and reliability constraints

Packaging and end use requirements such as hermeticity and solderability

Priorities   and. trade offs, for example, performance vs. size vs. costs, etc…

Design Engineering included with Hybrid Layout

Emtron Hybrids will work with you to layout your circuit to achieve a design that keeps manufacturability mind into a  thick film hybrid layouts is key to cost effective reliable circuit.  Electrical, mechanical, manufacturing and quality engineering disciplines are combined to insure process reliability and repeatability with complete documentation allowing full traceability.

Consultation - Circuit Design

Layout created and Substrate drawing prepared

Customer layout checked for accuracy and ability to be produced

Resistor trim and Process specifications checked and/or created

Final mechanical and electrical test specifications and procedures defined

Product flow chart generated with in-process test procedures specified, including resistor trimming requirements

Customer approval requested

Computerized artwork generated

Artwork photoplotted

Screens created

Tooling and Fixtures ordered

Multilayer architecture

Radio Frequency (RF) and microwave

Mixed signal

Thick signal

Thermal and industrial packaging

Component and subassembly analysis

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Manufacturing From Prototype Thru Production. We Can Meet Your Deadline.