Company Profile

Emtron Hybrids, an innovative company manufacturing thick-film substrates, including single layer , multilayers, through-hole metalization and resistor networks. By concentrating on the area of print, fire and trim, we are able to be exceptionally responsive to our customers needs.

Emtron Hybrids was created over a decade ago to satisfy the microcircuit industry's demand for rapid delivery of high quality, cost effective substrates. Our extensive experience allows us to deal with complex circuits and to undertake large or small production runs.

Emtron Hybrids Offers:

Production runs for electronic companies that do not produce their own substrates

Prototypes and engineering work for a new creative approach to processing and design.

Orders completed within 2 - 3 weeks for hybrid houses currently doing their own screening

100% inspection and testing

MiIL-STD Quality

Further information may be obtained through email

Conductors     Resistors    Dielectrics
Manufacturing From Prototype Thru Production. We Can Meet Your Deadline.